Powerhouse vocals with an old school sparkle

“trademark wit, soulful vocals, and riveting aural and stage presence"

 Leslie Vincent is part Amy Winehouse, part Norah Jones, part a voice all her own. Brimming with personality, charm, and an infectious love of music.

a delightfully charming singer” - Kevin O'Connor, Jazz.88


An unassuming superstar, Leslie Vincent is charming and genuine on stage, not afraid to laugh at herself or tell silly stories. ” - Cherry & Spoon

A Tribute To Dolly Parton

Fine Line

The Dolly show is at the Fine Line this year! January 19th featuring Faith Boblett, Molly Brandt, Rachel Calvert, Clare Doyle, Haley, Laura Hugo, Jaedyn James, Sarah Morris, Savannah Smith, and me. Presented by A Little Too Short To Be Stormtroopers and First Avenue.

[Her] love of jazz is evident and her feel for it is impossible to ignore,” - Brian Oake